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Our Story

Natasha and John Deane arrived in Jackson County on a long holiday weekend by houseboat from their home in Nashville in 1995. Later, they would build a weekend home (now their permanent home) and settle in the small town of
Granville. Both having been raised in medical families and then worked in medical professions, Natasha and John found respite from their busy lives here and later found new purpose in forging relationships and seeking out a healthier lifestyle for their “golden years”. Little did they know at that time that the golden years would include restoring the former “Granville Marina” where they first landed in their houseboat into “Wildwood Resort and Marina” ( ), and later Honest John’s
Frozen Custard shop and Miss Sallie’s Market in the town of Gainesboro.

“Jackson Countians can be so proud of the friendliness and rich bounty that its land and its hardworking people provide,” says Natasha, reflecting on their 25 years in the area. “I’d like to celebrate all the special things that we’ve found here and also find a way to nourish the wonderful community while I’m at it.” After clamoring for years over the need for a local fresh grocery in town, John finally challenged Natasha to “stop talking about it and get to work” kicking off a new chapter for them both.


John and Natasha Deane

Miss Sallie Reed

“She once had the only grocery store in town,” Jim told Natasha in an almost irresistible whisper, “so I think she would be pleased to know what you are up to”...

Who is Miss Sallie

When Natasha and John began visiting Gainesboro in 2018 and joined the local Chamber of Commerce, they found a town in the early stages of re-awakening after years of economic struggle. Then as now, people loved to talk about the glory days when the square came alive with shoppers and activity on any given weekend. 

When the opportunity arose for the former Brown and Meadows furniture store (aka the Whitaker Building) to be restored by the Deane’s for purposes of building a market, stories of Jim and Deb Whitaker’s grandmother, Sallie Reed, began to emerge. “She once had the only grocery store in town,” Jim told Natasha in an almost irresistible whisper, “so I think she would be pleased to know what you are up to”. With approval from the family, “Miss Sallie’s Market” was born in Sallie Reed’s honor and in honor of the resilience and traditions that continue to sustain this community. 

“Our goal is to work directly with regional farmers and producers to create a unique market featuring seasonal produce as well as convenience items made with fresh local ingredients. We want to provide something nourishing, something authentic and educational around the traditions from these hills that supports the lifestyles of both local residents and visitors to Jackson County. That is our dream for Miss Sallie’s Market” - Natasha Deane, Proprietor, Miss Sallie’s Market.


Miss Sallie Reed

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